The Alliance brings together the next generation of the world's top art advisors, and highlights each member's unique areas of expertise. Forward-thinking and visionary, the members are one step ahead of a rapidly evolving art market, while sharing the same standards of professional excellence.

As a member, you'll gain access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals, enjoy industry-insider perks and access an exclusive database of international resources.



 Photo by   Cindy Trinh

Photo by Cindy Trinh

+ Join an accomplished group of trusted peers, while maintaining
the freedom of your individual advisory practice

+ Set up your business optimally by accessing our industry-insider database

+ Enjoy vendor discounts

+ Opportunities to extend your client network and access to private sales

+ Access to unique press opportunities

+ Promotion via the Alliance website and newsletter

+ Travel benefits for art fairs, studio visits and international art events

+ Opportunities to curate in unique spaces

+ Attend our bimonthly Alliance get-togethers (free to members) to share your latest advisory projects and connect with other members



1. Request an invitation, or
get referred by a current member. 

2. Submit an application to join. 

3. Once selected, there is a yearly membership fee.